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Hey there!
I'm Jennifer, also known as "Cookie," and it's great to have you here and have this opportunity to explain what I do.I work as a Shamanic Healer, Artist, Creative Expression Facilitator, and Hoop Dance instructor. I'm really honoured to have you read my story!

In my early 20's, as quite a sad and wounded soul, Iunknowinglymovedinto a community of many artists and healers in the toothy Southern Interior mountain ranges of British Columbia, (BIG FREAKIN MOUNTAINS!)
I retreated to the woods and lived in many old cabins, with no electricity or water sometimes, and chopped A LOT of firewood.
The more time I spent in Nature, the more I sensed something was deeply wrong….
I needed to find some answers to why I felt so desperately lost and beaten down by life. Why was I so sad? I had such low self esteem, low standards for myself, I could not keep a relationship going, had depression and anxiety, and even felt suicidal at times. My dreams were signalling to me loudly that I might even be in danger with my health. I knew I needed help so I started looking into different mental health modalities. I was very fortunate to have had so many people come to my aid and offer some alternatives, as well as older methods of healing, and help me find my way through the darkness that many of us experience in this Life. I found someone else who was waiting for me to heal; my Inner-Child.


Me, little.

At my very first counselling appointment I was introduced to Shamanic Medicine,and I began my own personal practice of calling on my Animal Guides to assist meon my quest to become a whole person again. During that time period the talkative Raven appeared as a Power Animal or Totem for me, and kept calling me back to Animal Medicine whenever I felt like I was in "free fall" and out of control. Other animal totems came to join me and bolster me in areas where I might otherwise feel lacking in support. They became my other family.

For the next 20 years I trained as a facilitator in Alternatives to Violence, studied and participated in Non-violent Communication groups, served on a Restorative Justice Committee, and took counselling and psychology education. I spent 7 years in a Clan Mother Circle learning the lessons of truth taught in "The 13 Original Clan Mothers" by Jamie Sams, which I still practice and study today.I learned about compassion, empathy, relationships, and listening by sitting in these Clan Mother sacred circles of women, and of the traditional "NativeWay of Justice" being taught in Restorative Justice community forums, with everyone fromfriends and community members, to police and parol officers and convicted criminals. I studied forgiveness and empathy through all of these people by listening to their stories of their journeys, and consider them all my teachers.


After years of struggling with my own healing journey and trying different methods and psychologists, I learned that in the world of mental health, I had "PTSD" (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.)

In the Shamanic world,
I had a "Fragmented Soul".

I continue to study both views of this aspect of our health and how trauma affects us as a whole human being.

I'm now training as a Shamanic practitioner through completing an apprenticeship, and opening up my online practice, as this medicine continues to heal me. My mission is to assist others on their journey home to their whole self again, no matter what's happened to them, through learning about their personal animal totems and guides, how this "team" of guides is assisting them on their path to healing. I will help you to use your natural gifts and talents, and live your truth with balance and in harmony with Nature and Earth's rhythms. Let's talk about what's working for you, and what you envision for yourself.
What are you ready to heal? There is no limit.

Although the Shamanic work I do with others can be very deep and sometimes scary, I have another practice; Laughter and Gratitude. I believe that when people can learn to laugh at themselves, we can begin to heal. I offer this medicine of sacred clowning and laughter to the world every day in some way, whether it is person to person or through social media. I believe that even in the face of utter despair that we can learn to find the good things again, find those flowers growing through the cracks in the sidewalk!


We can have Gratitude for life itself.

We can choose to let our hearts be opened with sincere laughter at the"cosmic joke"…..of life's ironic lessons that eventually transform into gifts.

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I now work as a Hoop Dance Instructor,Shamanic therapist, Artist, and retreat homesteader with my partner of 9 years, and our beloved animal pals. Both of us are self-employed and enjoy growing our own food together and living simply, finding richness in a life that is close to the Earth and family. We are both building new studio and work spaces in our minds, and manifesting some beautiful results! Stay tuned!

Most of the art I create is made of needle felting.
I makePower Animaland Goddess Sculptures and Spiritual objects out of soft and sustainable wool and natural materials. These sculptures work to empower others to connect with their personal Guides, like a friend to accompany them on their own personal spiritual journey.


(Me posing with a life-sized Snowy Owl, a magnificent guide for healing. I make mini- sculptures, too.)

*Take a look at thegallery page for some examples of my art journey with Shamanic Healing and Dreaming.
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*Find me onInstagram @jennifermountain for my behind the scenes shots of my studio, the latest creations, and some glimpses of the wild!

*Come and join the beautiful energy in my Shamanic online community for women called ShaMoontra, which I am VERY excited about!!:O)

Now I want to tell you what I'm really passionate about.
I host incredible and intimate empowerment art and hoopretreatsfor women,
offering a safe place to heal from trauma with movement and dance, guided art sessions, meditative and fun hoola hoop journeys, outdoor excursions and deep connections with Nature in the wild West Kootenays, my beloved place I've called home for 20 years!

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Thank you so much and see you in the Sacred Circle!
xo Jennifer Mountain

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