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Holding Space at Sacred Circularities Retreat Bali 2015

Hello, my friends! I am writing to you from my fairy bed in my room at the Ananda Cottages, the head quarters for Sacred Circularities Hoop Retreat in Ubud, Bali. It is my third time coming to Bali for this retreat, and this year I'm the "space holder," for the retreat, offering extra support to the participants while their heart space and sacred essences expand as they deepen their connection in the hoop. It is so important for us to share our fears in order to grow and I am very honoured to listen and support the Hooper-Beings who travel to hoop at this retreat.


Well,GoodMorning! Lotus Blessings~

It is so incredibly beautiful here. It's sometimes difficult for me to find the words to describe the magic and intensity of this island, and what it means for me to come here to hoop and share my medicine with the participants. My hands are shaking as I type this into my website.


Yes, Infinity Pool, yes!

The job of supporting people's emotional body is what I came here to do, and with somewhat limited internet, I chose, of course, to focus on connecting with the group, and the crazy wifi situation made it easier, actually! The videographer for the retreat, Morgen, founder of the HoopTown Hotties in LA, USA, pointed it out that instead of everyone having their noses in their phones and computers, we've all mainly been having lively chats over buffet breakfasts and lunches in the resort restaurant and really getting to know each other more. Other participants and friends coming to visit us at our nightime hoop jams have also commented on how content and happy the vibration of the group is, and also how restorative it can be to just have a break from the internet and social media. The world will keep spinning as we spiral, and it will be there when we return. It is okay to take this time for ourselves.

11058423 10153468557580283 4448755203928341929 n.jpg

Photo by Michelle Hoops

The retreat center for SC Bali 2015 is in Ubud, a town about the size of Nelson, BC, the small city near my home, which is just perfect for me being a mountain girl who's used to seeing more wildlife than humans. We learned that the population of the Balinese here has doubled to 4 million people, all living on this tiny island. It's incredible, and also slightly worrisome in terms of impact and sustainability. There is too much plastic in the world, in general, and I was very moved to see members of our hoop community here, like Emma Kenna of HoopingMad, really making an effort to collaborate information in the SC Bali facebook group on simple things like carrying personal water filters to eliminate the need for buying endless plastic bottles of water. Other businesses and restaurants like Alchemyand Clear Cafe, (my favourite!) in Ubud are setting a new standard, using banana leaves to create compostable take-out containers, using paper cups and glass bottles instead of styrofoam, and even growing bamboo straws for their juices and smoothies. It's so inspiring!


Flowers on the steps of Clear Cafe, Ubud, Bali

Our first week of hoop instructors included the warrior-hoop-goddess Babz Robinson, a Canadian from Canmore, Alberta, who wowed me with her instructor skills and her hoop dancing. Babz has a powerful presence and she comes and says hello to everyone, making the time to float around her classes and coach everyone to their highest potential in the hoop. This woman can DANCE! She hugs like a Grizzly Bear with a squishy loving heart and I can't wait to take more classes with her in week three!


Babz and Cookie, going to the Water Temple. Yes, I am blissed!

The line-up of this week's instructors have held phenomenal breakthrough hoop classes all week long and includeCaterina Sutton, Tiana Zoumer, Tammy Firefly,Jocelyn Gordon, andMaliaka Cheze Darville.Jaguar Mary's unique and wonderful "alchemy sessions," which reminded me so much of the Restorative Justice circles I've participated and trained in. Compassion and understanding flows when we connect through revealing our vulnerability and truth, and Jaguar Mary masterfully guided us with her comforting and grounding voice and her loving presence.

So, I'm sitting here sipping on a Chocolate Butterfly with the AC on, half naked in my sarong, and I'm just ecstatic, tired, excited, and blissed out to be thinking about meeting so many incredible people from all over the world; Canadians galore this year, also United Arab Emerites, India, UK, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Spain, Holland, and the United States. Watch for the newest video from Morgen showing our global hoop dance community in utter bliss during one of Jaguar Mary's workshops, (check my page on Facebook Medicine Hoop Retreats, I will be posting much more content in week 2!) We are having our last dance together with Malaika teaching an African Dance class early in the AM, and then our closing ceremony for week one.

We say goodbye for now, but in my experience we will always be connected through the heart and the hoop, much like brothers and sisters, as the SC Family continues to expand.


See you in Week 2 of Sacred Circularities 2015!
xoxox "Cookie" aka Jennifer Mountain

February Meditation: New Moon Medicine Goddess of Friendship


Finding a quiet moment, finding your seat, ready yourself to relax and receive the medicine of this Goddess.

Close your eyes. Inhale smoothly through your nose,the air feelslike silk, and on your long exhale, feel the warmth of your breath on your upper lip. Inhaling soft, silky pure air, thanking the Mother, and exhaling, feeling clear and comfortable, and on the next inhale, opening the lungs a little more, feeling the expansion of cells responding to your connection with your body below you as your bring air down to the base of your spine, opening the bones in the hips and pelvis like the wings of Butterfly, and breathing up from there into very chakra, awakening your whole being to Love. Your body is alive and ready to journey into a vision.

From your seated position, picture a beautiful vine inside your heart. It grows slowly from the base of your spine down into the ancient Earth below you, connecting you deeply and effortlessly to the planet's coppery warmth and nourishment. You feel a beauty as you transform with roots growing even deeper into the wholeness of the Earth Mother.

You become One with the Planetary Family.

Your roots are intermingling with the roots of other Being's journeys and visions, connecting into a shimmering web of dreams, your hearts beating as One with the Earth.

And now, from your heart, a gossamer threadof lighttravels skyward, through the crown chakra at the top of your head, climbing up into the Cosmos, reaching into the Stars, and funnels golden light down into your body through your crown, and mixes with the Earth energy inside your heart, and you can feel a sense of deep peace and connection to the whole Universe, and the Earth Mother, our Home, the Rocks, Trees, Oceans, Plants, and Creature Beings.

From this place of deep relaxation, in your mind, you're standing at a trail head, deep in a lush canyon, with high jagged ridges above the tree line, and a clear blue sky. You can hear the sound of rumbling off in the distance, a waterfall, and you decide to follow the trail to find it. You come to the river of this canyon, and pause for a moment on the bridge. You see your reflection in the water, impressions come to you. How do you feel about that person in the water? Is she feeling a bit lost right now? Is she getting the love and support she needs? Are you loving her, too? What does she really want? You take a breath and continue to follow the path, stepping down onto the dirt trail, and start winding through the forest, the air is thick with oxygen, and your legs are serving you well as you hike higher on the path.

Around the next bend, you enter into a timeless landscape. Mist hangs suspended in the air, cooling your skin, and you look up and see the waterfall, thundering down off the cliff, spraying the rocks and ferns growing around a natural pool.

You see a person, sitting quietly next to the water, and next to her is your Power Animal, joining her in peaceful meditation. She turns toward you and beckons you to come closer. As you approach this mysterious person, you see that it is you.

You are meeting your future self here in this sacred place. You sit face to face with her and breathe together, your Power Animal holding the space for you to deeply connect.

You gaze into eachother's eyes, and the waterfall and the surroundings fade away, and she takes you on a journey, showing you flashes of pictures and moments over your whole lifetime. When you are in your mother's arms after your birth, feeling the air on your skin and the warmth of her breath for the first time. Taking your first steps. Seeing the miracles of Nature. Exploring the world. Growing into a woman. She shows you in sequence, a record of every decision and choice you've ever made in your lifetime, how you treated yourself and others, how you served the greater good with your ways, how you guided others and showed compassion, allowing others to simply choose for themselves, honouring their path, their beliefs, their traditions; how you learned to have gratitude for all of life's experiences as an opportunity to grow and evolve.

You come back to her face, and see yourself reflected in the eyes of your Future Self. Her eyes are filled with joy, and she thanks you for all your good work, all your choices and decisions to be healthy, because all those choices wove together a life of fulfillment, of letting go, of being true and honouring yourself. She is truly grateful, and hands you a feather as a symbol of this connection and your committment to Self-Love. She is showing you how to be a friend to YOU.

You thank her, holding hands, smiling, and then saying goodbye. She walks into the forest with your Power Animal, looking back at you. This was a magical encounter.

Breathing and grounding back into your spot by the waterfall, after a time you stand and start walking back down the trail, letting the water droplets in the air saturate your skin, feeling so loved by the Earth Mother.

As the sound of the waterfall fades, you come to the bridge over the river one more time. Looking into the water this time, seeing the woman in your reflection, how do you feel about her now? What choices and decisions will you make to honour her truth? What will you do to create a life of service, fulfillment, and authentic lifestyle for this person in the watery mirror? Being a loyal friend to her now is how the transformation begins.

You blow her a kiss and continue down the dirt trail, back where you started at the trail head. Breathing here, you start to come back slowly into your body, into the Now. Keeping your eyes closed, and breathing softly into all your chakra centres, you gently draw back your light-filled gossamer thread from the cosmos, leaving a trail of golden light as you fill your heart with Love and Source Energy. Breathing down into the Earth, taking time to draw up your vine and roots, into your heart, with love, gratitude, and a promise to honour your truth.

Now, here, in this room, give thanks for the life and the Universal wisdom you've been given by your real best friend; your Future Self. Gift yourself a feather or some other object to thank yourself for every decision and choice you make on behalf of your truth, health, happiness, living authentically in your heart.


This meditation is written by me to coincide with the New Moon Medicine Goddess Calendar 2015. Each New Moon there will be a meditation based on my many years of studying the work of Jamie Sams "The 13 Original Clan Mothers" and my Shamanic practice. If you would like to know about my Shamanic counselling services please visit the online Shamanic courses page.

PTSD,Hoola Hooping as a Self-Designed Treatment Plan

7 years ago, my life was being ruined by PTSD and its very real and dangerous physiological symptoms that go along with the mental stress. It was destroying my health with stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisal, on a constant loop, and I was exhausted. My immune system was weak and I was developing a serious auto-immune condition, and one doctor suggested I be tested for MS.

When I started hoola hooping in 2008, I immediately noticed the change in my brain chemistry. After a few minutes of hooping I felt calm and pretty relaxed. I noticed it had a lasting affect and through the day I felt again, a calm "centeredness" in my system. The tremors were gone. I also felt more awake and energized.


So, I kept hooping through the highs and lows, and throughout my years of searching for effective treatments for PTSD and even studying as a counsellor, hoola hooping, for my symptoms, came out at the top, high above drug treatments and talk therapies. These treatments are important in the field of mental health, but cannot match the unique physical and psychological strengthening of hoola hooping for treating PTSD, by including the body in the healing.

Hoola hooping alone has a profound and lasting affect on every complex system of a human being who has ever experienced trauma. It connects the brain and body back together by forging new neural pathways in a state of joy, and an individual can continue to explore that infinite plane in a self-designed treatment plan for stress, and really start to feel better.

We cannot measure each other's pain or compare events, then try to minimize one or the other, because we did not experience them as others did. We have to focus on minimizing our own stress in our own environment and practice self-care.

We have to give ourselves the gift of trying new things, seeing if something might work for us, even if others try and stop us.

I have met husbands who did not want their wives to hoop, and they knew that she'd been raped in the past. I have taught 250 lb Navy Seals and soldiers who knew their collegues would discourage them from hooping by laughing at them, even though they knew they had PTSD. We have to walk our own path sometimes, despite what others think. Do not allow the fear of others to stand in your way.

We can only learn to trust our own body again.

I have hoola hooped with thousands of people now, and I know that chronic stress and PTSD is widespread.

People who have stress NEED to hoop to regulate their body's natural rhythms.

We, as modern human beings, are pushing ourselves harder and harder, physically and mentally. Add severe PTSD into that picture, and how does the body tell the difference between something that is beneficial and non-threatening, and something that is causing, (or maintaining,) stress in our system? It's a tricky thing to resolve sometimes, once the trauma has embedded itself into your system.

Hoola hooping helped me recognize that difference.
My body and mind interprets hoola hooping as something fun and kind of challenging, but never threatening.
I feel more connected to my soul, and my body feels stronger when I hoop regularly. This activity has given me a chance to help other people, and now I'm trying other new therapeutic movements, like Pilates, free-style dance, and my new yoga swing.


@jennifermountain on instagram

I've come to see some deeper truths about myself through the reflections of hoop dance, and have navigated my way to becoming an entrepreneur, having overcome lots of obstacles and finding I can do more than I thought I could. I'm able to hoop with people in a world-wide hoop dance community, and find online networks for hoopers, and I feel so grateful for that. I'm never alone in my hoop journey.

My brain, memory, cognitive function…it all feels clearer, and as long as I hoop regularly and listen to my body when it is giving me signals, I seem to be able to do more and more of the things I love, and after 7 years, feel PTSD fading as my health improves.

~Right now I am writing a best-practice-guide for doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists on how to prescribe hoola hooping to their patients, and for people who want to try it as a therapeutic treatment for PTSD and other stress-related disorders. Please email me at if you would like more information. -Jennifer Mountain

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January New Moon Meditation: Right Relationships

New Moon Medicine Goddess Wheel, First Moon Cycle: Right Relationships


Felted Medicine Goddess Doll by Jennifer Mountain

Find your seat for your meditation, find your center, breathing gently, and let your body rest into the Earth. Close your eyes and just relax. We're going to connect with the essence of this New Moon Medicine Goddess of "Right Relationships."

Breathe softly…. but deeply, gently pressurizing your exhale to expand and lengthen your breath….. and bring grounding energy down through your body into your Root Chakra.

As you breathe, allow your Root to grow down into the Earth, much like a tree's, deep into the Earth's core, and feel the warmth moving up the root into your body, bringing it toward your center.

Now, allow a vine to climb from the top of your head up into the cosmos, reaching up into space and feeling the golden Source Energy of the Stars travelling down through your Crown Chakra, and filling you with shimmering light and a feeling of deep peace.

In your vision, you hold a tiny seed in your hand ….it glows in your palm… are walking down the footpath, winding through a forest of mighty Cedar Trees lined with Stones, trust leading your way, and you come to an opening in the trees…..a green and golden meadow……. you walk out into the air that is lit with energy here, bright sun, lush grasses and wildflowers. You find a place to lay down and let the Sun warm your hair as you rest.

You sense the presence of another being. You open your eyes to see an animal watching you.You remain very still and breathe softly.

You sense the rhythm of this animals energy…….you can feel the edges of it's own sacred space…… and you honour it by respecting it….you see light forms like sacred circles, showing you its boundaries… look down and see the same orbs of light around you, showing you your own sacred space…….instead of reaching out, you go within, into an even deeper stillness ...and hold that pure Love in your heart.

After a few minutes you feel the warmth of it's breath as this animal comes closer……it comes and eats the little seed out of your hand, lightly brushing your skin with its lips or beak or nose……. that point of contact begins to shine…there is a special connection forming, a bond based on mutual respect and Love………and eventually you feel your animal coming in closer…… to comfort you…….. pressing its body into yours.

This shimmering feeling of ecstasy spreads as it dances its way through your cells…… the energy of this animal sends a thrill that penetrates your deepest wounds and softens all the hardest places inside…… this Power Animal is gifting you with healing energy deep into your Soul. You allow this Love to settle in your body. You hold each other for a long time as you lay together in this meadow.

You press your foreheads together and breathe, sharing this bond of Right Relationship. You understand this connection with all of Creation…. the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire….the Trees, the Rocks, the Clouds, the Rivers and Oceans, the Mountains of ice and Deserts of sand…….

You thank this animal for teaching you about its sacred space and rhythm…. this animal will now guide you throughout this coming year. As you part ways, you feel the essence of this interaction inside your heart. It will never leave you.

You slowly stand….. letting your fingers sweep the long grasses, releasing the perfume of the wildflowers as you walk back to through the meadow, to the trailhead…….back down the footpath……through the Cedar forest…… and back to your seat …. where you began this journey.

Breathing soft and deep……you thank the Universe and Source, and slowly draw in your vine from space, back down into your crown…… filling you up with Light. …….breathing…….and now, gently drawing up the root from the Earth's center…….thanking Mother Earth for her nourishment…letting her warmth spread through your core, touching your Spiritual Essence and Inner Flame.

Breathe here…..begin again……a new cycle. Renewal. Rebirth. A New Moon. A new year of possibilties and dreams. Welcome, Medicine Goddess of Right Relationship. ~*~

This meditation is written by me to coinside with the New Moon Medicine Goddess Calendar 2015. Each New Moon there will be a meditation based on my years of studying the work of Jamie Sams "The 13 Original Clan Mothers" and my own Shamanic practice.

The Creative Muscle

What is your favourite creative medium? Writing? Dance? Art? Jewerly? Pottery? Wild-Crafting? Photography? What have you always wanted to try?

DSC_0390 - Version 2

People need space to expand their horizons in order to really flex their creative muscle. If you allow yourself to become immersed in something, especially something new in terms of creating, it eliminates stress, and your ability to be creative will multiply.

We provide that space for you at Medicine Hoop. You have access to studio, movement space, writing areas (stand-up and sit down) during your stay …run outside for some healing in the forest, collect some driftwood by the lake, or breakout the bead cupboard in the art studio and make yourself a Power Bracelet to keep yourself grounded and motivated, or a crown. Make a project that represents your deepest truth and complete it. Then return to whatever your focus is and what you want to accomplish in life. This is deep discovery and play. This is the essence of expansion.

New Moon Medicine Goddess Wheel 2015, Shamanic and Spiritual Coaching for Women

A miraculous new year cycle has begun, and it's quite mind-blowing to look back and see what we got accomplished in those 13 moons. If you are reading this, I know you went on a deeper spiritual journey, too. Congratulations to you!
In the final 13th Moon Cycle of the Wheel, (which we're still in,) I'm taking some time to reflect on each month, all its lessons and gifts I received, and what I want to carry forward with me. On Boxing Day, while out for a canoe ride with my sweetie, I had the pleasure and awe of seeing 13 (I counted!) Great Blue Herons, and this felt like Animal Medicine to me; a sign from the Creator to use the medicine of
Self-Reflection, to really use this time to get clear about what I want to create from everything I've learned.


ritual of writing down our thoughts helps to complete this process with crystal clarity. Journal for your future. Don't censor your dreams. Be real with yourself.And….Light a candle during these darker nights, and let it kindle your inner-flame, your sacred Love, as we look toward the first New Moon of 2015, on January 20th.

If you would like to join me for this sacred, Shamanic, and soulful process of travelling "The Wheel" of the New Moon Medicine Goddess, please click here for more details. It's unlike any coaching or counselling you've done before, and you will get to experience the timelessness of healing your Soul while feeling incredibly grounded in your daily living.
I'm honoured to serve you and your Soul's Journey!

Nature Love and Shamanic Coaching Calls

New Digs! 2015 Hoop Reno photos!

So, this just happened! We have a new house and retreat space and we are renovating it right now, all through Christmas and New Year's..and it is looking so good! More pics will be added here! Happy 2015 and see you in the hoop circle! xoxo Noah and Jen

Photo on 14-12-27 at 11.03 PM

#3 Retreat Recipe: Winter Warrior Squash Soup and Variations You'll Love


Oh hey there, People. On this day, it's about -10 C, around 11 F.… the kind of temperatures that beg for comfort food,
and I'm the first one admit that I am a major wuss when it comes to winter, (let's just say I don't exactly leap out of bed!) Eating enough calories and getting enough protein can be challenging, but to lighten the load and avoid the heavier carbs, I love making soups that I can pop in the freezer and enjoy all winter long, right from the garden.

I certainly do know that not everyone has a gardenor has time for one, but you can still make this soup at home without having to traverse the planet for special ingredients.

I'm gonna PREACH IT! :O)

An important factor for me IS simple ingredients. My philosophy is that the less ingredients your food has, the less hidden chemicals it will have.
Yes, you can buy squash soup in jars and tetra-packs at the grocery store, and while they are convenient, theymay also contain a lot of unnecessary ingredients, plus packaging to recycle and might just go into the landfill. You can bypass all of that, because this soup is just so darned simple.
Medicine Hoop Recipe:
Winter Squash Soup
Ready?Pre-heat oven to Bake @350 degrees, and lightly grease a cookie sheet with coconut oil

Step 1) Take your squash and cut the tip off with the stem and cut it in half lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds and the stringy pith in the center. Put the two halves with the cut side down on an oiled cookie sheet and bake them for 30-45 minutes. Test that they are done by poking with a knife. It should slide in and out easily. Take the pan out of the oven and after a minute turn the squash halves over and let them cool a little bit. You can turn the oven off when you're finished baking.

Step 2) While the squash are baking, take a half or whole onion and chop finely, and sautee lightly in 1 tbsp of coconut oil and a dash of sea salt. Stir the onions now and then and keep the temperature low so they soften but don't brown or burn. No need to hurry the onions…your squash needs time to bake!

Step 3)*Put on the kettle or another small pot and boil 3 or cups of water while everything's cooking.Take a spoon and scoop the cooked squash out of the shell into the soup pot with the onions. Put it all in there, scaping the inside of the skins well. If there are some harder bits, scoop them too the best you can. They will finish cooking in the soup. Stir the squash around with the onions, sautee lightly for a minute or two, on low temperature. You might even want to turn the heat off while you get your stock ready, if things are getting too browned.

Step 4) It's time to add the soup stock or just filtered water (unchlorinated.) Sometimes we have homemade stock in the freezer, and most of the time I use 2 heaping tbsps of powered organic soup stock that we buy in bulk, (yes, to avoid the unnecessary packaging and foil,) and stir into into 2 cups of boiling water from the kettle. Add that stock into your soup pot and stir. Lean in closer and have a smell of this yumminess. Add another 3 or 4 cups of water. If you don't have soup stock, then you can more sea salt, maybe some fresh ground pepper, mince a clove of garlic, and flavour it up. Let the soup simmer for 15-25 minutes, and use a masher to break up the squash and make the soup creamier as it simmers. You might want to let it cool and put it through the blender or food processor to make it smooth. This will impress your friends and family…they'll think you're a soup master and I find that kids, (big and small,) are more likely to try it if it's blended and isn't too chunky. This soup keeps well in the fridge, and when you are warming it up, try a variation below.


Mmmmmm……. So, if you don't have your own squash mountain yet, go to the store and buy a fairly large organic squash, ( I recommend Butternut, Red Kuri, Buttercup (which are usually smaller so buy a few,) even Pumpkin tastes great as a savoury soup!) and make this soup for yourself as a tribute to healthy eating, AND being stealth in the kitchen.
That squash might seem rather expensive when the cashier weighs it up, so be ready for that and know that you're still saving money, because you'll make way more soup with that one squash than you'll get in a processed pre-made soup.
OKAY, enough preaching!
Here are some easy variations!
~add almond, cashew or raw milk
~stir in some coconut cream (mMMMMMM!)
~Squash-Ginger! Start with a small amount of some fresh minced ginger..careful; it is powerful (and VERY good for you!)
~Coconut-Curry… add your favourite curry powder or paste to taste with some of that coconut cream..yum!
These are just a few of the endless soups you can make with a squash! Happy souping and hooping! :O) xoJenniferMountain

Everyday Shamanism

Lacing up my boots,adding a sweater and an extra scarf, and heading outside without any headphones, camera, or device could be partially considered a ritual, just because of my intention.


I want to have all of my senses available for all the little signs from Nature that help me connect to the Earth and feel more calm and grounded, with no distractions.


It might start out with a small sound of water tickling the rocks beside the river. I allow that flowing sensation in the sound to soothe my soul.
Some part of the plant kingdom is always sending out its Divine nectar scent on the breeze,

or the mighty trees have released their leaves and there is an earthier smell of decomposing matter.

I take deep breaths.

My eyes get to dance over the wonder of Creation; the Clouds, the sky, the forest, and I see the white dot of the head of the Eagle as he opens his wings and effortlessly floats up this river on pure oxygen.

Eagle Medicine comes as a gift to my Spirit in this moment,
telling me that with the current set of tasks, lessons, and their challenges, to allow my Spirit to be carried by the Creator, and to open my own wings and reach the higher heights of joy, fulfillment, and service.

We are rewarded when we listen to the healings and messages that come to us, out there in Nature. Making time to go out walking and giving thanks for my life is a simple part of everyday Shamanism. Here's to living in harmony and good health. ~ Jennifer Mountain

Be The Mountain

Be The Mountain


Standing in a high-elevation clearcut
Doing my thing
Wet cuffs

Selecting wild berries
In the shade of my straw hat
Having that bent posture of my ancestors

I straightened skyward and looked over to the neighboring glaciers.

"You are the mountain," a voice in the wind whispered. "Leave something behind, and then be the mountain."

Wise Woman
I now leave behind
any part of me that needed to compensate
Or medicate
Wounds that disappeared long ago
The ones that are invisible

Whatever I declare
It's not much of an offering
Without my promise

And a song of gratitude.

~Jennifer Mountain, 2014


Medicine Hoop Retreats, Argenta, BC, CANADA 250-366-0028 Jen Cookson 2013