Everyday Shamanism

Lacing up my boots,adding a sweater and an extra scarf, and heading outside without any headphones, camera, or device could be partially considered a ritual, just because of my intention.


I want to have all of my senses available for all the little signs from Nature that help me connect to the Earth and feel more calm and grounded, with no distractions.


It might start out with a small sound of water tickling the rocks beside the river. I allow that flowing sensation in the sound to soothe my soul.
Some part of the plant kingdom is always sending out its Divine nectar scent on the breeze,

or the mighty trees have released their leaves and there is an earthier smell of decomposing matter.

I take deep breaths.

My eyes get to dance over the wonder of Creation; the Clouds, the sky, the forest, and I see the white dot of the head of the Eagle as he opens his wings and effortlessly floats up this river on pure oxygen.

Eagle Medicine comes as a gift to my Spirit in this moment,
telling me that with the current set of tasks, lessons, and their challenges, to allow my Spirit to be carried by the Creator, and to open my own wings and reach the higher heights of joy, fulfillment, and service.

We are rewarded when we listen to the healings and messages that come to us, out there in Nature. Making time to go out walking and giving thanks for my life is a simple part of everyday Shamanism. Here's to living in harmony and good health. ~ Jennifer Mountain

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