February Meditation: New Moon Medicine Goddess of Friendship


Finding a quiet moment, finding your seat, ready yourself to relax and receive the medicine of this Goddess.

Close your eyes. Inhale smoothly through your nose,the air feelslike silk, and on your long exhale, feel the warmth of your breath on your upper lip. Inhaling soft, silky pure air, thanking the Mother, and exhaling, feeling clear and comfortable, and on the next inhale, opening the lungs a little more, feeling the expansion of cells responding to your connection with your body below you as your bring air down to the base of your spine, opening the bones in the hips and pelvis like the wings of Butterfly, and breathing up from there into very chakra, awakening your whole being to Love. Your body is alive and ready to journey into a vision.

From your seated position, picture a beautiful vine inside your heart. It grows slowly from the base of your spine down into the ancient Earth below you, connecting you deeply and effortlessly to the planet's coppery warmth and nourishment. You feel a beauty as you transform with roots growing even deeper into the wholeness of the Earth Mother.

You become One with the Planetary Family.

Your roots are intermingling with the roots of other Being's journeys and visions, connecting into a shimmering web of dreams, your hearts beating as One with the Earth.

And now, from your heart, a gossamer threadof lighttravels skyward, through the crown chakra at the top of your head, climbing up into the Cosmos, reaching into the Stars, and funnels golden light down into your body through your crown, and mixes with the Earth energy inside your heart, and you can feel a sense of deep peace and connection to the whole Universe, and the Earth Mother, our Home, the Rocks, Trees, Oceans, Plants, and Creature Beings.

From this place of deep relaxation, in your mind, you're standing at a trail head, deep in a lush canyon, with high jagged ridges above the tree line, and a clear blue sky. You can hear the sound of rumbling off in the distance, a waterfall, and you decide to follow the trail to find it. You come to the river of this canyon, and pause for a moment on the bridge. You see your reflection in the water, impressions come to you. How do you feel about that person in the water? Is she feeling a bit lost right now? Is she getting the love and support she needs? Are you loving her, too? What does she really want? You take a breath and continue to follow the path, stepping down onto the dirt trail, and start winding through the forest, the air is thick with oxygen, and your legs are serving you well as you hike higher on the path.

Around the next bend, you enter into a timeless landscape. Mist hangs suspended in the air, cooling your skin, and you look up and see the waterfall, thundering down off the cliff, spraying the rocks and ferns growing around a natural pool.

You see a person, sitting quietly next to the water, and next to her is your Power Animal, joining her in peaceful meditation. She turns toward you and beckons you to come closer. As you approach this mysterious person, you see that it is you.

You are meeting your future self here in this sacred place. You sit face to face with her and breathe together, your Power Animal holding the space for you to deeply connect.

You gaze into eachother's eyes, and the waterfall and the surroundings fade away, and she takes you on a journey, showing you flashes of pictures and moments over your whole lifetime. When you are in your mother's arms after your birth, feeling the air on your skin and the warmth of her breath for the first time. Taking your first steps. Seeing the miracles of Nature. Exploring the world. Growing into a woman. She shows you in sequence, a record of every decision and choice you've ever made in your lifetime, how you treated yourself and others, how you served the greater good with your ways, how you guided others and showed compassion, allowing others to simply choose for themselves, honouring their path, their beliefs, their traditions; how you learned to have gratitude for all of life's experiences as an opportunity to grow and evolve.

You come back to her face, and see yourself reflected in the eyes of your Future Self. Her eyes are filled with joy, and she thanks you for all your good work, all your choices and decisions to be healthy, because all those choices wove together a life of fulfillment, of letting go, of being true and honouring yourself. She is truly grateful, and hands you a feather as a symbol of this connection and your committment to Self-Love. She is showing you how to be a friend to YOU.

You thank her, holding hands, smiling, and then saying goodbye. She walks into the forest with your Power Animal, looking back at you. This was a magical encounter.

Breathing and grounding back into your spot by the waterfall, after a time you stand and start walking back down the trail, letting the water droplets in the air saturate your skin, feeling so loved by the Earth Mother.

As the sound of the waterfall fades, you come to the bridge over the river one more time. Looking into the water this time, seeing the woman in your reflection, how do you feel about her now? What choices and decisions will you make to honour her truth? What will you do to create a life of service, fulfillment, and authentic lifestyle for this person in the watery mirror? Being a loyal friend to her now is how the transformation begins.

You blow her a kiss and continue down the dirt trail, back where you started at the trail head. Breathing here, you start to come back slowly into your body, into the Now. Keeping your eyes closed, and breathing softly into all your chakra centres, you gently draw back your light-filled gossamer thread from the cosmos, leaving a trail of golden light as you fill your heart with Love and Source Energy. Breathing down into the Earth, taking time to draw up your vine and roots, into your heart, with love, gratitude, and a promise to honour your truth.

Now, here, in this room, give thanks for the life and the Universal wisdom you've been given by your real best friend; your Future Self. Gift yourself a feather or some other object to thank yourself for every decision and choice you make on behalf of your truth, health, happiness, living authentically in your heart.


This meditation is written by me to coincide with the New Moon Medicine Goddess Calendar 2015. Each New Moon there will be a meditation based on my many years of studying the work of Jamie Sams "The 13 Original Clan Mothers" and my Shamanic practice. If you would like to know about my Shamanic counselling services please visit the online Shamanic courses page.

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