January New Moon Meditation: Right Relationships

New Moon Medicine Goddess Wheel, First Moon Cycle: Right Relationships


Felted Medicine Goddess Doll by Jennifer Mountain

Find your seat for your meditation, find your center, breathing gently, and let your body rest into the Earth. Close your eyes and just relax. We're going to connect with the essence of this New Moon Medicine Goddess of "Right Relationships."

Breathe softly…. but deeply, gently pressurizing your exhale to expand and lengthen your breath….. and bring grounding energy down through your body into your Root Chakra.

As you breathe, allow your Root to grow down into the Earth, much like a tree's, deep into the Earth's core, and feel the warmth moving up the root into your body, bringing it toward your center.

Now, allow a vine to climb from the top of your head up into the cosmos, reaching up into space and feeling the golden Source Energy of the Stars travelling down through your Crown Chakra, and filling you with shimmering light and a feeling of deep peace.

In your vision, you hold a tiny seed in your hand ….it glows in your palm…..you are walking down the footpath, winding through a forest of mighty Cedar Trees lined with Stones, trust leading your way, and you come to an opening in the trees…..a green and golden meadow……. you walk out into the air that is lit with energy here, bright sun, lush grasses and wildflowers. You find a place to lay down and let the Sun warm your hair as you rest.

You sense the presence of another being. You open your eyes to see an animal watching you.You remain very still and breathe softly.

You sense the rhythm of this animals energy…….you can feel the edges of it's own sacred space…… and you honour it by respecting it….you see light forms like sacred circles, showing you its boundaries…..you look down and see the same orbs of light around you, showing you your own sacred space…….instead of reaching out, you go within, into an even deeper stillness ...and hold that pure Love in your heart.

After a few minutes you feel the warmth of it's breath as this animal comes closer……it comes and eats the little seed out of your hand, lightly brushing your skin with its lips or beak or nose……. that point of contact begins to shine…there is a special connection forming, a bond based on mutual respect and Love………and eventually you feel your animal coming in closer…… to comfort you…….. pressing its body into yours.

This shimmering feeling of ecstasy spreads as it dances its way through your cells…… the energy of this animal sends a thrill that penetrates your deepest wounds and softens all the hardest places inside…… this Power Animal is gifting you with healing energy deep into your Soul. You allow this Love to settle in your body. You hold each other for a long time as you lay together in this meadow.

You press your foreheads together and breathe, sharing this bond of Right Relationship. You understand this connection with all of Creation…. the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire….the Trees, the Rocks, the Clouds, the Rivers and Oceans, the Mountains of ice and Deserts of sand…….

You thank this animal for teaching you about its sacred space and rhythm…. this animal will now guide you throughout this coming year. As you part ways, you feel the essence of this interaction inside your heart. It will never leave you.

You slowly stand….. letting your fingers sweep the long grasses, releasing the perfume of the wildflowers as you walk back to through the meadow, to the trailhead…….back down the footpath……through the Cedar forest…… and back to your seat …. where you began this journey.

Breathing soft and deep……you thank the Universe and Source, and slowly draw in your vine from space, back down into your crown…… filling you up with Light. …….breathing…….and now, gently drawing up the root from the Earth's center…….thanking Mother Earth for her nourishment…letting her warmth spread through your core, touching your Spiritual Essence and Inner Flame.

Breathe here…..begin again……a new cycle. Renewal. Rebirth. A New Moon. A new year of possibilties and dreams. Welcome, Medicine Goddess of Right Relationship. ~*~

This meditation is written by me to coinside with the New Moon Medicine Goddess Calendar 2015. Each New Moon there will be a meditation based on my years of studying the work of Jamie Sams "The 13 Original Clan Mothers" and my own Shamanic practice.

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