New Moon Medicine Goddess Wheel 2015, Shamanic and Spiritual Coaching for Women

A miraculous new year cycle has begun, and it's quite mind-blowing to look back and see what we got accomplished in those 13 moons. If you are reading this, I know you went on a deeper spiritual journey, too. Congratulations to you!
In the final 13th Moon Cycle of the Wheel, (which we're still in,) I'm taking some time to reflect on each month, all its lessons and gifts I received, and what I want to carry forward with me. On Boxing Day, while out for a canoe ride with my sweetie, I had the pleasure and awe of seeing 13 (I counted!) Great Blue Herons, and this felt like Animal Medicine to me; a sign from the Creator to use the medicine of
Self-Reflection, to really use this time to get clear about what I want to create from everything I've learned.


ritual of writing down our thoughts helps to complete this process with crystal clarity. Journal for your future. Don't censor your dreams. Be real with yourself.And….Light a candle during these darker nights, and let it kindle your inner-flame, your sacred Love, as we look toward the first New Moon of 2015, on January 20th.

If you would like to join me for this sacred, Shamanic, and soulful process of travelling "The Wheel" of the New Moon Medicine Goddess, please click here for more details. It's unlike any coaching or counselling you've done before, and you will get to experience the timelessness of healing your Soul while feeling incredibly grounded in your daily living.
I'm honoured to serve you and your Soul's Journey!

Nature Love and Shamanic Coaching Calls

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