The Creative Muscle

What is your favourite creative medium? Writing? Dance? Art? Jewerly? Pottery? Wild-Crafting? Photography? What have you always wanted to try?

DSC_0390 - Version 2

People need space to expand their horizons in order to really flex their creative muscle. If you allow yourself to become immersed in something, especially something new in terms of creating, it eliminates stress, and your ability to be creative will multiply.

We provide that space for you at Medicine Hoop. You have access to studio, movement space, writing areas (stand-up and sit down) during your stay …run outside for some healing in the forest, collect some driftwood by the lake, or breakout the bead cupboard in the art studio and make yourself a Power Bracelet to keep yourself grounded and motivated, or a crown. Make a project that represents your deepest truth and complete it. Then return to whatever your focus is and what you want to accomplish in life. This is deep discovery and play. This is the essence of expansion.

Medicine Hoop Retreats, Argenta, BC, CANADA 250-366-0028 Jen Cookson 2013