New Moon Medicine Goddess Wheel 2015

Welcome to "The Wheel," a process of working with the 13 Moon cycles of Mother Earth…. The Moon is our Guide, our compass and our calendar as we embark on another journey around the Sun. We continue to expand our knowledge of ourselves and our service and purpose as daughters of the Earth Mother, and how to be a better friend to that Goddess in the mirror.


So…...How was 2014 for you? Let's talk!

Do you feel satisfied or are you still shaking? Reflecting back on a year like this one is intense. We have entered into a new age that has catapulted us into a deeper awareness of our emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. What are you integrating now, and what do you want to leave behind as a memory or learning opportunity? It's a powerful time to be a Woman on this planet, and my goal is to help YOU get face to face and arm in arm with your own Truth, and to be happy, productive, healthy and whole.

Each New Moon brings new "medicine;" some fresh perspectives, some deeper truths that combine with what's happening for you right now. Together in a 1 hour coaching call, we'll open your circle of Soul support: your Power Animals, Ancestors and Guides, and give the Wheel a push. I use Shamanic healing techniques and will pull from my counselling background to help you get grounded, release trauma and what isn't serving you now, and keep your Spirit primed for your important work in the world! You will take away a lot of practical tools from these sessions that will serve you all throughout the year and for the rest of your life. You are building your own wheel of truth, and it will guide you toward happiness, abundance, and the blissful life you dream about.

Nature Love and Shamanic Coaching Calls

*There are two options.

*You can go MONTH-BY-MONTH, and jump on the Wheel anytime, choosing when you want to recieve your New Moon Medicine Goddess Session with me at any time, during any month, and we will work in that Moon Cycle; just book a single session with me..

*OR you can join me to complete the whole 13 Moon cycle, where you'll receive 13 sessions (one year of New Moons!) with a nice discount, (a super deal!) starting January 20th, 2015, the first New Moon.
Why a whole year of sessions??

"This past year I've been fortunate to partake in Jennifer Mountain's 13 Moons Shamanic Journey.. It has been a wonderful process that has supported me during a very intense year of challenges and huge transitions.. Knowing I'll have a monthly call with Jennifer has helped me weather these changes and to make sense of the dynamic symbolism unfolding in my life, my dreams, my power animals and so much more! She leads the calls with humor, grace and wisdom that has truly guided me gently on my path, helping me to realize the pertinent information needed to take me on the next step of my evolution. I've truly enjoyed reading the 'Thirteen Moons' book as well as i find inspiration and relevance through each story reflected in my personal life. I highly recommend Jennifer and her shamanic guidance!
~Tara Coyote


The New Moon Medicine Goddess Wheel teaches us a deeper truth about personal commitments for ourselves, and keeping commitments to others, and how to strengthen this part of ourselves through this 13 New Moon (12 month) cycle. To commit to A WHOLE YEAR of personal growth is going to radiate into your health, career, relationships, and wrap up with you sitting in completion, in satisfaction, and on a whole new level of Self-Love and Wellness!Making a commitment and keeping it can be challenging, and yet abundance, freedom and a new sense of having MORE to give back will be your reward.
Click below to purchase your spot with me in 2015!


New Moon Medicine Goddess Wheel
13 One Hour sessions:
$929 CAN (SAVE $234!)
One session during each Moon Cycle. Power Animals, Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, healing Journeys with the Wheel.
Starts January 20th, First Moon Cycle, 2015

New Moon Medicine Goddess Wheel OneHour single session: $89 each
Power Animals, Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Healing Journey with the Wheel.

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