Power Animals and Totems Session

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This 90 minute session is a personal ceremony done just for you! We will enter into healing space together and journey with the beating of the drum to meet your Power Animal, and likely more than one,that lives in your heart and is already supporting you.This Power Animal, or "totem," is an empowering relationship that brings Love, protection, powerful insights and deeper meaning into our lives. The session happens over the phone for the best sound quality with the drum! You will feel more grounded, supported, and more connected to the natural world, and to Spirit, and have a new system of support and tools that you can tap into at any time. $119 CAN per session.

*(These sessions do not include animal art. If you would like a custom totem made, please email me, also read the Shamanic Triple Session package.)
*Sorry, no returns or refunds. Sessions can be rescheduled if given 48hours notice.

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